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Zoological Collage 

Cover Art: Neuron (Cell)

Cover art:

Neuron January 2024 vol. 112, Issue 2

The illustration accompanies featured paper: The bone transcription factor Osterix controls extracellular matrix- and node of Ranvier-related gene expression in oligodendrocytes

From the online cover expansion:

"During the evolution from protochordates to jawed fish, the transcription factor Osterix acquired mutations that allowed its interaction with other factors and changed its DNA binding motif. These changes enabled bone formation during evolution. In this issue of Neuron, Elbaz et al. describe how, in parallel, these changes established the transcriptional program that controls extracellular matrix and node of Ranvier formation in the brain. The cover image depicts a portion of a simplified Hillis Plot, which describes evolution based on sequenced genomes, with the evolution from protochordates to jawed fish highlighted. A collage of 19th-century classic zoological illustrations overlaid with simple anatomical sketches sheds light on the evolutionary role of Osterix in brain and bone formation." 


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